10 Updates That Take Only a Quart of Paint

When you are looking for a whole new look or maybe just to update, paint is your best and cheapest way to go. With just a small amount of paint, whether regular or spray, things can look look fresher or completely different. If you’re on a budget, paint is the first thing to consider.

You’ve probably seen some of these paint upgradesĀ before, but it’s good to have all these ideas in one place for reference. Especially when you have paint left over from another project and you’re wondering what to do with it, look at this list for inspiration. There’s always going to be something you can paint which will give your home a refreshed look.

This list was curated by Kathy Woodward from The Budget Decorator. I love the 10 projects she included on it so go to her site to see 10 things to do with a quart of paint.

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