A Beautiful Shower Curtain From A Bed Sheet DIY

This is a great and inexpensive DIY project to update your shower curtain.  Buying fabric at a fabric store is fine but you can find great patterned sheets at a thrift store for less money.  You may have some vintage sheets stored away just waiting to be used.  Thanks to Sadie Seasongoods for the idea.

Our guest bathroom is a cute little room- but without a window, is only illuminated by artificial light. As a result- and I’m not sure why I never noticed this before- our existing shower curtain was doing nothing to brighten the room.

While pretty, it just started to bother me. We’ve had it for years! But all of a sudden, I wanted a change and I wanted something lighter and brighter in the room.

And instead of running out to Target or Bed, Bath, and Beyond, I went to my garage…where my bins of vintage bed sheets are stored.

I selected a couple of options and draped them over the rod. Jon and I hemmed and hawed for days, changing our minds and going back again.

In the end, we chose sheet “A” and I set out to transform it into a shower curtain.

And I’ll be honest, I took the easiest route- I used the old one as a template before laundering it and giving it away.

I laid out our chosen sheet on the floor, good size facing up- and it was a struggle to find an open space large enough for this queen sheet! Full/Double size would have been a little easier to manage.  Then, I placed the existing shower curtain on top of the sheet.


Images from Sadie Seasongoods.

For the full instructions visit Sadie Seasongoods.

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