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Cool Drawer Handles Inspired By West Elm DIY

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If you want to change the handles or pulls on a table, dresser or cabinet give this DIY project a try.  I enjoy the satisfaction that I made something that could be quite costly to purchase.  Don’t let the use of sheet metal scare you off.  Anyone can do this easy project.  Thanks to Little House of Four for the clever idea.

How to make West Elm inspired Bin Pulls

 Yesterday, I shared my HomeGoods table that I altered to look like my favorite West Elm Bin Pull Console table.  I not only loved the iron legs, but the bin pulls were amazing.  If I even thought about replicating this table, it had to include those pulls.  I searched and searched for similar pulls, but always came up empty.  That’s when I got an idea and took a trip to Home Depot.  I picked up some sheet metal to make my own pulls.

Don’t mind the crazy cuts, I was trying something else that didn’t work out.
The distance of the holes for the original pulls were 5 inches apart.  The West Elm pulls were only slightly longer than the holes, so I made my pulls 6 inches long and tall enough to have enough metal to bend over.
measuring for holes
For the full instructions visit Little House of Four.

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