Delicious Omelet Breakfast Braid DIY

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This is the perfect way to start off 2016.  A tasty crescent roll braid with basically an omelet on the inside will give you the energy to get your day going.  Just like any omelet use the ingredients that you prefer.  I’m a veggies and no meat kind of person.  Thanks to Cincy Shopper for the recipe.

This Easy Breakfast Braid loaded with scrambled eggs, ham, peppers, onions, and lot of cheese makes for a super simple hot breakfast idea. Crescent braids are perfect for serving a crowd or a larger family.

Breakfast is a favorite at our house. We quite often enjoy breakfast for dinner. Since we had family visiting from out of town last week, I needed to have something yummy for breakfast that was easy and could feed quite a large group. Months ago, I had seen a Breakfast Braid over on Betty Crocker that caught my eye. I knew it would make for a great breakfast idea come holiday time. Now that I realize how easy they really are, we will be making them often.

I tossed a couple of these easy crescent braids in the oven in no time at all. I knew they would be perfect because I can slice these braids just like a Stromboli. When you slice them up, they make a perfect hand held breakfast. I ask everyone to help themselves and allow them to use napkins so I do not create a bunch of dishes to be washed afterwards. PERFECT!


Images from Cincy Shopper.

For the entire recipe visit Cincy Shopper.

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