DIY Subway Art That Looks Great In Your Home

This DIY subway art project is so great for using your imagination.  There are endless themes that can be used.  I’m envisioning sports with inspirational quotes for my kids, a religious theme for my parents, my feelings about nature for me… I could go on forever!  Thanks to The House of Smiths for this thought provoking idea.

Hey all!  I’m finally posting my address subway art project, from my Gallery Wall!
If you remember… things got off to a rocky start. lol
Sometimes that happens with projects… right!?
I think in this case, it was a blessing in disguise… because I LOVE the way this over sized subway art turned out, on just this simple piece of plywood!
Go figure!
Alright… so here’s how it all went down…
I started out with a 24 inch by about 42 inch piece of regular plywood.
I had this left over from a project that I had done prior, but you can buy a large sheet of this at the hardware store, and they will cut it down to size for you, usually for free!
I gave it a good sanding, with my mouse sander, to get all the little splinters off, and rounded up the edges a bit.
Then I took some FLAT black spray paint,
and went over the whole thing, until it was completely covered.
Next, I took some of my leftover gray paint, that I used in my pantry, and brushed one good coat over the whole thing.
The color is called Flagstone from Olympic.
My paint was FLAT.  If you use flat paint, know that it will appear darker when you first apply it, but once it dries, it lightens up quite a bit.  In this picture, you can see how the gray paint is starting to dry over the first black coat, from before.
side note:  Plywood usually has imperfections, knots and sometimes gaps.
This actually worked out perfectly for the look I was going for, but if you want a cleaner looking piece of wood, they have those options at the hardware stores too.
Gallery Wall Layout with IKEA frames 039

Images from The House of Smiths.

For detailed instructions visit The House of Smiths.

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