Keep Summer Alive With A DIY Great Avocado Salad Dressing

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How about one  last hurrah for summer?  This DIY avocado dressing is refreshing and good for you.  Avocados are a healthy fat so it’s perfect for dipping vegetables or pouring on top of a salad.  The not so healthy side of me wants to try it with tortilla chips.  Thanks Simply Scratch for keeping summer alive.

I’m always looking for a new way to dress my salad. I LOVE making my own salad dressings and I just went back to the archives and counted about 19 different salad dressings. Obsessed much?

When I have salad I tend to take the ranch route because I love the way it clings to the lettuce leaves and vegetables. And well it’s ranch and ranch dressing is just plain awesome. The downside is that it isn’t so easy to whip up on a whim. Since I’ve been consuming my weight in avocados lately I wanted to make a salad dressing out of a few ripe avocados that only had a day or so before they became too soft and inedible.


Images from Simply Scratch.

For full recipe visit Simply Scratch.

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