Make a Secret Room With a Bookshelf Door

If having a secret room is on your wish list, then here is a way you can finally have one. If you have a small closet with a door or a bathroom, it’s a simple matter of transforming the door into a bookcase that completely hides the fact that there’s a room behind it. It uses a simple magnetic mechanism so when you push in the right book, the door opens.



You will build a bookcase that is taller and a little wider than the existing door and the goal of the project is two-fold:

  1. Have the bookshelf look like just a regular bookshelf to the casual observer
  2. Make the mechanism lock and unlock by a book when it’s pushed in

Here’s what the bookcase/secret room looks like when finished:

Ezeisel on Instructables shows the steps he took when he built his bookcase door and he says he is not a carpenter or an electronics wizard. He said if he can do it, anyone can. You can find the plans here on Instructables.

Source of images: Instructables

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