Make Your Own Puffy Cloud Lighting

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Step 5: Put the LED light inside the lantern and attach it to the internal supports. Put the light facing up so it looks like the cloud is lit from within. It won’t if you face the light down toward the floor.
Step 6: If your lantern already has string, you’re ready to hang it up. If not, tie a piece of fishing line to it.
Step 7: If you don’t have anything in the ceiling to hang it from, screw a small screw hook into the ceiling.

Here’s a variation of this. They’ve attached crystal light catchers to hang from it, which I think is beautiful.

cloud light3












Image source: Etsy – TavassoliDesigns

Here’s another┬ávariation. This one uses a dowel that is hung from the ceiling and then several lanterns are hung from the dowel, creating a very large cloud formation. It’s really cool if you want to make that many lanterns. Here’s a video showing how they make it.

The last one with twinkling lights is on the next page.

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