Make Your Patio Gorgeous With Concrete Stain DIY

Staining the cement patio changes the look in a very good way.  This DIY project will make the area warm and inviting.  Staining can also be used on the front porch and sidewalk leading up to the house.  No need to hire someone to do this easy idea.  Thanks to The Garden Glove for the tutorial.

One of the most boring parts of our garden design is also one of our most necessary- walkways, patios and driveways. Most of us have simple poured concrete, and while it definitely does the job, it is, in a word, boring. We wanted a cool textured, almost rustic look that would blend well with different styles. Here’s how to stain a concrete patio yourself, without a sprayer, without expensive commercial products, and without taking a huge chunk out of your checkbook.


  1. Concrete Stain- We used 2 gallons of Behr Semi Transparent Concrete Stain on an average concrete patio.
  2. Roller and tray
  3. Sponge
  4. Optional: Concrete cleaner/etcher and concrete sealer

Step One:

Determine if your concrete is porous enough to absorb the stain. The best way to do this is to drip a few drops of water on it. If it absorbs after a few minutes, it good to stain. If the water beads up and won’t absorb, then you need to strip and etch it. Probably don’t need to do that unless your concrete has been sealed in the past. Behr makes a concrete stripped for this purpose, I’m sure there are other products as well. Follow the instructions on the can.


Images from The Garden Glove.

For the full instructions visit The Garden Glove.

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