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Ornate Over-Sized Ornaments To Lighten Up Your Outdoor Vegetation DIY

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Don’t leave out the trees outside this holiday season.  These DIY large lighted ornaments will make your yard beautiful at night.  Make the balls extra large and scatter them throughout your front lawn.  You will have the most unique yard in the neighborhood.  Thanks to Miss Information for the great idea.

Over Thanksgiving, my sister showed me how to make these awesome DIY Outdoor Christmas Ornaments. They were quick to make and we hung these outdoor lighted balls on a tree outside my Mom’s house.

They really brighten up the tree and front of her house and are an easy craft. You can make different sizes and use them in a tree or on the grass. Use any color of lights you want or multi-colored if that’s your preference. Mom and I are strictly white light girls! You can find everything your need at your local hardware store or you can click my Amazon affiliate links to have it all delivered right to your door.

Here is what you will need to make these easy DIY Outdoor Christmas Ornaments:

1 roll of 2 ft wide chicken wire

1 pair of wire cutters

Protective gloves

measuring tape

zip ties, twist ties, or floral wire

String Lights – 100 ct for small balls and 150-200 for large balls

Wire dry cleaning hangers, 1 per ball you want to hang in a tree

Put on your protective gloves and unroll your chicken wire. You may want someone to help hold it down while you measure and cut because it rolls back on you. If you are by yourself put something heavy on the end or turn it over, and press to flatten so it stays in place. For the small balls that you can hang in trees measure 13-14 inches, from the end of the roll, and cut across. For the large ball cut 2 feet of chicken wire.


Images from Miss Information.

For the full instructions visit Miss Information.

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