Spookify Your Garage Door For Halloween DIY

I love this fun DIY idea for decorating a garage door for Halloween.  Mine is a blank canvas so I’m excited to work on this project.  I know my kids will enjoy working on this with me.  You could even shine a landscape light on the door to give it a creepier effect.  Thanks to Better Homes and Gardens for the eerie idea.

What You Need

  • Black cloth tape: 3-inch- and 2-inch-wide
  • Sheets of black crafts foam

How to Make It

Note: Test the tape in an inconspicuous area to ensure that the door’s surface will not be damaged by the tape.

  1. For fence pickets, cut 36-inch lengths of 3-inch-wide black tape, shaping one end of each piece to a point.


Images from Better Homes and Gardens.

For full instructions visit Better Homes and Gardens.


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