The Best Paper Rose Roundup

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Paper flowers make beautiful gifts as a corsage, a single flower, a hand-held bouquet or a bouquet for vase. Lia Griffith makes some of the prettiest paper roses I’ve ever seen and she has quite a few different patterns, as well as different types of paper that she uses. Some of her roses are made with pastel crepe paper, tissue paper, and some with a heavier metallic paper.

Lia has published different tutorials of roses and flowers over a period of time and she recently did a roundup of her best paper roses. I can’t think of a better time of year to look at those than Mother’s Day. Moms love to receive fresh flowers, and beautiful paper flowers are just as popular because they can be kept as a keepsake and will never wilt.

Maybe you’d like a rose corsage:

Paper Rose corsage-

Or a rose bouquet from tissue paper:

tissue paper rose bouquet-

Crepe paper rose bouquet:

crepe paper rose bouquet-

Now that you can see how beautiful these are, look at Lia’s roundup of paper roses at Lia Griffith.

Video tutorial on making the rose corsage above.




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