Use Stencils To Create a Gorgeous Steampunk Pirate Chest DIY

This DIY pirate chest looks like fun to make and it will be an unique piece.  You can use any stencil design or piece of furniture for this project.  It’s gives you a place to start and where you take it is up to you.  Although, my kids would love a pirate chest.  Thanks to The Graphics Fairy for the idea.

Hey there, it’s Heather from Thicketworks…here with a new home decor project – a DIY Steampunk Pirate Chest!
The awesome folks at Heirloom Traditions Paint have provided the products for this project, and have sponsored this post.

Fall always signals intense colors, darker palettes, and layers of things: clothes, leaves, steampunk finishes…ok – so maybe not that last item.

But, this project is right at home in an autumn themed table-scape. It can enliven your Halloween Decor – It’s a natural fit for Fall.

Picked this little guy up at the thrift store. He was coated in lumpy latex (ugh) and his drawers were stuck because of it. (No latex on drawers – if it’s not a law, it ought to be!)

Aside from that, the construction was solid, and those drawer pulls alone were worth the price of admission.

A few simple materials, and we’re on our way to this Steampunk Transformation:


Images from The Graphics Fairy.

For the full instructions visit The Graphics Fairy.

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