Adorable Pine Cone Star Decorations DIY

Here is another DIY project that doesn’t have to be brought out only on holidays.  There are many ways to snazzy up pine cone stars.  This design has a poinsettia in the center but anything will do:  seashell, photograph, bells.  You can spray paint them as well.  Thanks to Viral Upcycle for the idea.

I crafted a couple of adorable Christmas Star decorations using pine cones.   I’ll show you just how easy this pine cone craft comes together by a simple hot glue gun.

See other pine cone home decor ideas here and here in last year’s upcycled Christmas posts.

I used longleaf pine cones that I found while out walking.  I try and ask before I take them.  Typically, people have no objection in allowing you to clean up their yard.


Images from Viral Upcycle.

For the full instructions visit Viral Upcycle.

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